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Quran Recitation Importance lies in that the Quran is the Speech of Allaah in the Arabic language and is thus the most profound book of knowledge on the earth. It is obligatory upon every Muslim to partake of this knowledge and thereby become a better person – a person who becomes a blessing for himself and other people in the world. A Muslim should not only learn to read the Quran, but should also memorize Quran as much as possible, preferably all of it, so that the divine light of knowledge always illuminates his heart.

Thus, It has been reported in Jamay of Imam Tirmidhi, that The Last Messenger of Allaah, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, said: “Verily he who has nothing of the Quran in his heart, is like a house (which has been) destroyed.”

The importance of Quran recitation is highlighted with the advice given by Al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi (famed Islamic scholar who died in 463 Hijri) to students who aim to learn the Quran: “It is fitting for a student that he begins with the recitation of the Book of Allaah, since it is the greatest of the branches of knowledge and that which should be placed first and given precedence.” (Al-Jaami’ li-Akhlaaq-ir-Raawee wa Aadaab-is-Saami’).

Further elaborating upon this advice to new students who want to learn the Quran recitation, Imam Al-Haafidh an-Nawawi had stated: “The first thing he (the student of Quran) should begin with is Quran Recitation, which is the most important of the branches of knowledge. And the Companions and those that follow them did not use to teach Hadith or Fiqh, except to one who had memorized Quran When he has memorized it, let him beware of preoccupying himself from it with Hadith, Fiqh, or other things, to the extent that it leads him to forget anything of the Quran, or makes that likely.” (From the introduction to Al-Majmoo’ Sharh-ul-Muhadhhab)

Indeed, there are great rewards for those who learn, read, and recite Quran, which they benefit from in this world, as well as The Hereafter. There are numerous Ahadith which extol the virtues of learning the Quran and Recite Quran. Ibn Hibban, Al-Bayhaqi, and At-Tabarani, have reported in Sahih Ahadith that the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, has said: “The Quran is an intercessor (which by Allaah’s permission) intercedes, as well as an opponent (which is) truthful. He who appoints it as his leader, (then it) will lead him to Paradise. And he who puts it behind him, (then it) will lead him to the Fire.” AstaghfirAllaah!

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