Shaykh T. Abd El-Hamid

Shaykh T. Abd El-Hamid was born in Egypt, 1987. He is Hafiz of the Qur’an and a tutor of Qiraat.
He is a graduate of Al-Azhar University, faculty of languages and translation ; bachelor degree with very good and honor degree in Islamic Studies, English Department, 2009.
He has Ma in Islamic Studies in English, Al-Azhar University, faculty of languages and translation.
He has great experience in tutoring Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic sciences. He worked for more than 4 sites tutoring Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic sciences.
He was as team-leader for Tourists’ religious guidance.
He has an Ijaza in the Quran in Asim and Nafi readings. He has also an ijaza in the prose of tuhfat al-Atfal in tajweed only. And He has knowledge of Qiraat. He is also responsible for and supervisor of a certified circle of teaching of the Holy Quran. He was the second in the highest degrees in Azharist-secondary school in his governorate.
He has great influence on millions of audiences of radio and TV stations trough delivering speeches
He participates effectively in many child culture festivals.
A translator of many different texts in different fields.
He participates effectively in many social activities.
Shaykh Abd El-Hamid is described by his students to be a motivational and inspirational tutor. His tutoring way with kids is also fabulous as described by them to be enjoyable and amusing. He tackles personal differences between various students and deals patiently with them.

 Shaykh M. AbdelHamid

I was born and raised in Egypt and grew up a very outgoing and active child. At an early age, I had memorized the Quran completely. Then, I went to Al-Azhar schools  and received knowledge under great scholars. I have graduated from the Faculty of languages and Translation, Islamic studies Department, Al-Azhar University, one of the world’s most prestigious seat of sound Islamic knowledge where I have been able to find opportunities that have and still continue to help me gain knowledge and advance my current career. Al-Azhar taught me not only knowledge but also moderation and tolerance. I got my MA from Al-Azhar University in Islamic studies. Now I teach Quran, Arabic, and all other subjects of Islamic studies. Additionally, I have become a certified teacher with many Ijazat not only in Quran but also Tajweed books and other fields of Islamic studies. Yet, I have many students from all over the world who love my  way of teaching so much.

Shaykh Muhammad Mahmoud

Muhammad Mahmoud is an Imam, preacher and teacher, was born in 1986. He graduated from Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Languages & Translation, department of Islamic studies in English (2009).

He finished memorizing Quran many years ago. He has Ijazah by the narration of Hafs narrated from ‘Asim.

He is native Arab and can teach Quran with Tajweed ,  Islamic Studies and Arabic language to non-Arabs with enthusiasm and professional attitude.

He will take you from zero level to advance level in a good way in reading in a short time In Shaa Allah

He is currently working as an imam in the ministry of Egyptian Endowments.

Shaykh Mohammed Salim

Shaykh Mohammed Salim possesses more than twelve years of experience in teaching Quran and Arabic Language within numerous educational centres. He has passion for teaching extends beyond locality and spreads over the globe with many students abroad.

Salim teaches Quran and Arabic language over since he holds a license not only in Qur’an and in Arabic language but also 0holds islamic shariah license, cairo university.

He obtained certifications (Ijaazaat) in the following areas:Regarding Quran he obtained those Ijazat:

–        Hafs from Asim recitation: More than five certifications

–        All 10 modes of recitation from the way of Imam Shatibi and Durrah.

In addition he got Ijazat in many tesxts of Hadith and Fiqh

Salim also obtained his bachelor degree in Sciences and Education, Benha University and has got master degree in Arabic language, Faculty of Literature, al-Mansurah University.

Ustadah/Shaykhah Zahraa Mousa

Ustadah Zahraa Mousa is a holder of BA in Islamic studies in English, faculty of languages and translation, Al-Azhar university. She has an Ijaza (Certificate) in Quran in the ten Qiraat (Ways of reading). She has great experience in teaching Qur’an to non-Arabs. She has great command in English language. She teaches Tafsir, Arabic, Quranic Arabic and Qaedah Nuraniya to all ages perfectly especially kids with modern ways of teaching.