Learn Quran Perfectly for Kids

Learn Quran perfectly for kids requires special learning programs and methods tailored for the youngsters to instill the love of the Quran in their hearts. The Holy Qur’an is the speech of Allah (SWT). It is the first legislation in Islam and the first source of the rulings that Muslims follow. So learning your kids the Qur’an is a mercy and a guiding for them to the path of truth and righteousness.

The Virtues of Learning Quran to Kids

Learning Quran for Kids is extremely important because when kids grow old, learning the Quran reading, recitation, tajweed, or memorization becomes a harder task. The mind’s ability to absorb knowledge and information in this stage of life, childhood, is much better than older ages. That’s why you might have heard children of less than 10 years old memorizing the whole Quran in a few years. Teach your kids the Quran to raise them to be true Muslims, give them the blessing of the Quran, and lay the foundation of Islam teachings and manners. Learning the Qur’an for kids is one of the origins of Islam, so they grow up with the lights of wisdom and blessing fill their hearts. Moreover, when kids learn Quran in a way that they love, they preserve the Quran not only in their minds but hearts as well, enjoy reading and memorizing it. Additionally, when parents teach their children the Quran and supervise the learning process themselves, this helps to increase the chances of parent-children bonding through 2 different ways. Firstly, by learning the Quran, children get to realize the importance and respect of parents in Islam. Secondly, when children look up to their parents and see them applying Islam instructions that they have learned in the Quran.

Tips for Learning Quran to Kids

Every Muslim parent strives to give knowledge of the Quran to their children. So, here are 4 tips to help you in a better Quran education for your children.

1. Learn Quran for Kids Online

The best way to teach your kids the Quran is online via the internet whether through online recorded courses, videos, mobile app, or online Quran classes with specialized Quran teachers. Quran e-learning helps to overcome many obstacles, for both children and their parents. For beginners, online Quran classes for kids can take place on a personalized timetable, instead of needing to routinely come to a mosque or school. At LQPI, for example, we offer 24/7 teaching schedules. Kids can learn the Quran at their own pace, without strict deadlines or class schedules.

2. Encourage Kids to Apply What They Learn from Quran

Teaching the Quran to kids can be cultivated by encouraging them to apply what they learn, not only at home with family, but with the broader Muslim community. Parents can ask their children after every class about what they have learned today. Letting your children explain to you what they have learned will enhance the outcome of the learning process. Encourage kids to discuss one verse from any lesson with a grandparent, one with a friend and one with a teacher to maximize their engagement. When children see that the Quran is important to more people than just their parents, they’ll likely be willing to put in more work to impress other people they respect.

3. Implement Interactive & Entertaining Learning Techniques

The new kids learning methodology is about playing educational games that can teach Quran to children in a much more joyful & fun way. The gamification of learning is the new trend of learning in this era, motivating students to learn by using video games and other game elements in learning environments. At Learn Quran Perfectly Institute (LQPI), we use interactive methods to teach Quran lessons and help young students remain focused and productive.

4. Reward Kids for Learning Quran

Besides great spiritual rewards, young kids need physical rewards to understand that Quran learning is a great act worth being rewarded for. When your kids learn to read or memorize a new Surah from Quran, reward them with a gift to instill love of the Quran in their hearts. 

Learn Quran for Kids Online

Learn Quran Perfectly Institute (LQPI) is an online Quran learning platform that provides various classes for kids in Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies provided by native instructors who have vast-knowledge & experience in teaching Quran for kids online. LQPI’s teachers will assist your kids to learn Quran with Tajweed, reciting Quran without stuttering, memorized Quran by heart, translate the Quran, understand Arabic, and have a better understanding of Arabic lexicon.

Benefits of Learning Quran for Kids Online

If you decide to teach your kids the Quran online, they will get a lot of advantages over the traditional classroom such as:
  • Finding a comprehensive, integrated, and distinct program of Quran learning for kids, paving the way to learn Quran perfectly for kids.
  • Overcome all the difficulties and obstacles that prevent kids from commitment to the Quran classes such as intersecting school education time with Quran class times.
  • The resources used for learning the Qur’an online provide a better opportunity for people to learn in an interactive and effective way.
  • Most online learning techniques provide tools that make it easier for the teacher to assess the learner, such as multiple-choice tests and test answers, and provide information about the learner’s performance and about the pace of his learning.
  • It gives the learner the opportunity to evaluate the material and express his opinion on what has been proposed so that the teacher can benefit from this in developing the presented materials.

How Kids Learn Quran Online at Learn Quran Perfectly Institute (LQPI)?

The Quran learning process for kids at Learn Quran Perfectly Institute (LQPI) is divided into 4 main steps…

Step 1: Learn Noorani Qaida

The first step for any child seeking to learn Quran online is to learn how to pronounce the words properly. This starts with learning Noorani Qaida, which the tutor will use to teach your child the basic building blocks on Quranic words.

Step 2: Learn Tajweed Rules

Once your kid has mastered the building blocks of Quranic words, the Quran teacher will help your kid recite words and verses of Quran perfectly applying the tajweed rules. The tongue and mouth have to be used in particular ways to make the sounds that make recitation beautiful.

Step 3: Learn Quran Memorization

If you want to make your kid a Hafiz/Hafiza of the Holy Quran, your child can proceed with learning the memorization of part or the whole Quran in Arabic.

Step 4: Learn Arabic Language

It is important that you give your child the tools to understand the Quran. Allah (SWT) chose Arabic as the language of the Quran and your child should have the knowledge of Quranic Arabic so it becomes easy for your child to understand the meaning of what Allah (SWT) has sent down as a mercy to all of mankind. Help your kids begin this glorious journey of learning the Quran by booking free trial classes for them to evaluate our courses and tutors. Only if you are satisfied with the learning level, you can let your kids continue learning with us.