Learn Quran Memorization (No Forgetting)

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What is Quran Memorization?

Although there are various definitions for the keeper of the Quran that describes the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the person keeping and memorizing the Quran. Generally, the keeper or hafiz of the Quran is being capable of fluent, eloquent recitation of all the verses of the Quran by heart. So, Quran memorization means to be able to recite the Quran by yourself without reading it from Mushaf (Holy Quran Book). The person who have completely memorized the Quran is called “Hafiz” for males, or “Hafiza” for Females.

Why Do You Learn Quran Memorization?

It is a blessing from Allah (SWT) that some Muslims can absorb the Quran in their hearts by memorizing it. Quran memorization is not an easy task, but it was made easy upon us by Allah Almighty. The Muslim who memorizes the Quran has countless benefits in this life and in the hereafter. Some of these benefits are:
  • Hafiz of Quran takes precedence over others in leading the prayer.
  • Hafiz/Hafiza of Quran is placed in front of others in a common grave, closer to the qiblah, if it is essential to bury him/her with others.
  • The status of the one who memorizes the Quran will be commensurate with the last ayah he/she memorized.
  • Huffaz of Quran will be with the angels, accompanying them.
  • Quran Memorizer will be given a crown of honor and a garment of honor to wear on the day of resurrection.
  • The Qur’an will intercede for the one who memorizes it on the day of judgment.

How To Learn Quran Memorization?

If you want to learn Quran memorization and other Islamic studies but you are living in a non-Islamic country, it will be difficult to find a professional Quran Sheikh or teacher who can teach you Hifz Quran. It is not a problem anymore and you do not have to be worried about this again because now you may join online Quran memorization classes to learn Quran memorization online and different Islamic studies at your own place. If you use the internet to learn Quran memorization, you will get a lot of privileges over the traditional classroom such:
  • At the online classes, you can just save your money and your effort that you could spend on going to traditional Islamic classes.
  • When you learn Quran memorization online, you will put your own schedule and manage your classes in a way that suits you.
  • You will use an interactive and effective online environment; you will interact directly with your online teacher.

8 Tips to Learn Quran Memorization without forgetting

There are different ways to memorize Quran, but to increase the memorizing ability, you may need to follow some tips and techniques.

Tip 1: The Intention

It’s a very important thing when you learn Quran memorization that you pay attention to your intention. You have to make sure that the intention you are making while memorizing the Quran is only for the sake of Allah (SWT), to seek His Pleasure and Mercy. Your intention is not to show off in front of other people that you have memorized the Quran a lot. You need to sincerely believe that Quran is the Allah’s spoken words, and your attempt of memorizing is nothing but an effort to seek blessings of Allah Almighty. When you have such true intentions, your heart will keep you motivated towards the efforts required for the memorization of the Quran.

Tip 2: Daily Routine

Timing is very important when learning Quran memorization. You can select a specific time of the day and allocate it for memorizing the Quran. Figure out a time when you are most productive and you can focus on memorizing the Quran. The best suitable time to learn Quran memorization is the early morning after Fajr prayer. At that time a person’s mind and body are both fresh and they can store the new information easily.

Tip 3: Adopt Positive Methods

Don’t be in a hurry while memorizing the Quran, you can start with shorter Surahs. You must be consistent in Quran memorization. Repeat a verse as many times as you can. Read it aloud too. When you read a verse from the Quran, close it and recite it to see if you still remember it. You can recite your newly learned verses in your prayer; it is the best chance of revision. revise the old lessons on a regular basis. The more consistent you are the better will you memorize and move forward in your Quran lessons.

Tip 4: The Familiarity

Learn Quran memorization at the same time of the day, at the same place, and use the same Mushaf every day. The use of the same Mushaf while memorizing the Quran ensures that the memorization is assisted with pictorial memory, thus helping you in better memorization of the Quran.

Tip 5: The Repetition

This is the magic trick to learn Quran memorization. all you have to do in order to memorize the Quran is keep on repeating your lesson, and once you move to the new lesson, memorize it along with the old one. There is no shortcut in memorization, you have to work hard and keep on repeating your lessons every single day.

Tip 6: Listen to Quran Recitation

Listening to the recitation of Quran from your phone will help you in memorizing its verses. Repeatedly listening to the same ayahs will engrave in your mind and you will remember them easily. Pick an audio of Quran recitation by a Qari, then listen to it during the day or you can also listen to it before going to sleep. In this way, you’ll be familiarized with the verses and it will enhance your ability to memorize the Quran.

Tip 7: Recite to Others

It is very common for anyone to make mistakes while memorizing a Surah, without realizing it. So you should have a companion or teacher who can listen to your recitation.

Tip 8: Recite to Others

Teaching others what you have memorized from Quran will help you to lock it up for the long term in your memory. Learn Quran Perfectly Institute (LQPI) is an online learning platform that can provide different classes in Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies provided by native Egyptian teachers who are proficient and have knowledge & experience in teaching Quran memorization onlineLQPI will help you to learn Quran memorization perfectly even if Arabic is not your mother-tongue.

How Long Do You Need To Memorize The Quran (Infographics)

How long do you need to memorize the Quran (Infographics)
How long do you need to memorize the Quran (Infographics)