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Hifz Quran does not necessarily mean to memorize the whole Quran. LQPI provides you with four different types of online Quran memorization courses. The students can choose any type of course according to their interests. Whether it is about memorizing the last juz (No. 30) or short Surahs, Quran Schooling is here to help you do that. Besides memorizing the whole Quran, you can also choose some selected surahs to memorize them. We will be here to support you at each step and help you to memorize Quran online.

Quran memorization is indeed a difficult task to do. It becomes difficult for a student to Hifz Quran if one is not provided with the proper opportunities. There are a lot of reasons why it is easy to Hifz Quran online rather than going to a school. The first and the most important one is about flexible timings and a disturbance-free environment to memorize the Quran. Moreover, you can get more qualified teachers, easy and comfortable learning conditions, more attention from your teacher in online Quran memorización classes. All these facilities make it an ideal opportunity to memorize Quran online.

Hifz Quran online course is one of the ways where students can memorize the whole Quran by heart. Your status in this life will be raised. LQPI has a good experience of helping students to memorize Quran online. We provide our best services in memorizing the Holy Quran online.